#WeAreAllUncool / by Nick Neon

So I came across this wonderful movement through the power of Instagram, it's called: #WeAreAllUncool and I have to say I am all for openly embracing our differences + embarrassments as powerful reasons for being who we are without shame or apology.  

You basically take a photo with the phrase "I am not cool" written down on some paper and caption three things you are now willing to admit or embrace free of self-judgement and what others on social media may think of you.  

I highly recommend doing this.  It feels revelatory to admit you are not perfect in this day and age where social media promotes flawlessness.  

Here is my own submission to the movement:

1. I used to want to get a nose job and it still crosses my mind if I let it.  I used to hate smiling because it made my nose even wider.  But now I see exactly what it is.  It's my mother's nose.  And I love my mother more than life itself.  And when she's passed on from this life.  I will still have this piece of her.  So Fxck the nose job.  

2. I am terrible at the "the whole gay scene thing."  I don't like hooking up with people just because they're attractive.  I hate Grindr and other apps that turn me into a piece of meat.  I wish I were more proud of the fact that I am a boring family man at heart who just happens to be gay.  Fxck the parade.  

3. I dance my ass off in my apartment like I'm on tour with Beyonce, Ciara + JLo all at the same show.  My thighs look like small countries due to all that gyrating.  Several exes have made fun of how big my thighs are.  Fxck them, I love it :)


Please join in on the movement and embrace yourself.  After years of struggle I am finally doing that for myself and this couldn't be a more perfect moment to start, now that I'm freshly 28 :)