nick neon

Official Selection: Toronto Inside Out 2016 by Nick Neon

"I am so very happy, honored and excited to officially announce our 3rd #UltraBleu film festival selection with Toronto #InsideOut2016.  

The largest event of its kind in Canada, #UltraBleu will screen on Sunday May 29 at 5PM.  I'm also dumb excited to announce that I WILL be in attendance to support the project and I ask any Canadian or American friends o' mine who happen to be around that weekend to come join me in celebrating the film.  Furthermore, I also ask that we drink to dreams + making big sacrifices for big wins..."

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Ultra Bleu Wins Audience Choice Award! by Nick Neon

"I can't believe that our film is entering festivals, that we've just premiered, that we've received glowing reviews and that we've now won an award.

The Truth: You spend years, if not your entire life, trying so hard NOT to do what you love because you fear it will fail.  But be brave.  The world needs it.  Be brave.  And then work hard.

I'm so glad my broken-heart refused to mend.  And I'm even more glad I had the courage to turn it into art..."

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Friday Night: Write by Nick Neon

"I'm writing my first film in five years.  I am putting so much of myself into this work.  But it's so scary + painful.  And beautiful.  To rediscover.  To recall.  To transform your life + memories into words on a page that you hope will set you free..."

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"On Your Merry Way" Wraps Production! by Nick Neon

"After months of Development + Pre-Production, we finally went into Production on the music video/short film for Kite Flying Robot's "On Your Merry Way."  A contemporary fairytale about love, loss + acceptance.  

It's insane, what goes into making a film.  But it's even crazier when that film is a combination of computer generated images, miniatures, watercolor + blue screens with imaginary characters running around.  My brain is kinda broken at the moment from having to imagine the whole vision while we were only shooting one background element of so many..."


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#WeAreAllUncool by Nick Neon

"I highly recommend doing this.  It feels revelatory to admit you are not perfect in this day and age where social media promotes flawlessness.  

1. I used to want to get a nose job and it still crosses my mind if I let it.  I used to hate smiling because it made my nose even wider.  But now I see exactly what it is.  Its my mother's nose.  And I love my mother more than life itself.  And when she's passed on from this life.  I will still have a piece of her.  So Fxck the nose job.  

2. I am terrible at the 'the whole gay scene thing...'"

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1987 by Nick Neon

"In honor of National Poetry Month + my impending birthday, I wrote a tone poem to reflect back.

I have always been painfully nostalgic + painfully introspective.  Always haunted by the past, while dreaming of the future.  I can genuinely say this is the first time in my life where I am finally beginning to live in the present.  Maybe it is something that comes with age.  Or maybe it comes with being happy.  Or with opening your eyes to the wonderful fragments that live all around you.

Either way, the present is a present.

Although every year seems to get better than the last, naturally, it all had to start somewhere: 


Red, rusting 7 trains of Queens, how I still need your lessons. 

VHS + Bill Watterson, each year we peeled back the layers on our innocence. 

Troubled youth + troubled truths. 

All those nights we had nothing but our whiskey, dreams + roofs."

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