kite flying robot

"On Your Merry Way" Wraps Production! by Nick Neon

"After months of Development + Pre-Production, we finally went into Production on the music video/short film for Kite Flying Robot's "On Your Merry Way."  A contemporary fairytale about love, loss + acceptance.  

It's insane, what goes into making a film.  But it's even crazier when that film is a combination of computer generated images, miniatures, watercolor + blue screens with imaginary characters running around.  My brain is kinda broken at the moment from having to imagine the whole vision while we were only shooting one background element of so many..."


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Demanding Excellence by Nick Neon

I pitched an idea to one of my favourite people, Nikolas Kite of Kite Flying Robot, to direct a music video for one of my favourite songs, "On Your Merry Way."  It was a very spontaneous + ambitious undertaking.  But it was so vital that I make this piece to set myself free.  

It would be a very simple fairytale with an even simpler lesson:

No matter how much you love someone, sometimes all you can do is let them go.

I promised myself that I would not settle for anything less than my exact vision for this clip.  My twelfth music video project.  I would demand excellence from my team.  I wouldn't settle for good enough.  The final clip would use a mix of live action miniatures, watercolour, CG animation + practical effects to tell a story of endless hope + the acceptance of loss...

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