"On Your Merry Way" Wraps Production! / by Nick Neon

After months of Development + Pre-Production, we finally went into Production on the music video/short film for Kite Flying Robot's "On Your Merry Way."  A contemporary fairytale about love, loss + acceptance.  

We worked for a whole day straight.  Like 27 hours whole day.  In my tiny studio apartment.  With a crew of five.  It was hot like Africa.  It was hard like rhenium diboride.  And it was Matilda-level magical.

But still 27 hours.  I don't know why I do this to myself but I do.  

I'll chalk it up to the love of Art.  

It's insane, what goes into making a film.  But it's even crazier when that film is a combination of computer generated images, miniatures, watercolor + blue screens with imaginary characters running around.  My brain is kinda broken at the moment from having to imagine the whole vision while we were only shooting one background element of so many.  And it's even more insane that they now still have to be blended seamlessly by our VFX maestro, Sung Jun of Motion Crew, for the next million years as we move into Post-Production.  

But for now, another great milestone reached.  Nothing worth it is ever worth rushing.  

I have to take a moment to formally thank my small, incredible + loyal team, #teamCown, for the amount of love + effort they have thrown into this project.  Always selfless + patient with me, they have given me so much courage to go for the gold with this project.  Each day, I can see more of the final vision coming to life and it's such a humbling experience.  

Young Hwa, Sung Jun and Jung Woo.  Thank you.  

Smukie (My amazing DP).  Thank you.  

And Nikolas.  Thank you for trusting me to bring some magic into this world and for making it with me at every turn you can get.  Can't wait for the #UltraBleu score :)

I sometimes can't believe that one day this will be the only "work" I do to make a living.  It hardly seems justifiable when it feels so rewarding and it's just so much fun.  Here are some more great shots Jung Woo took on set.