First Ultra Bleu Review / by Nick Neon

"High marks to Ultra Bleu" 

Back home from the Ultra Bleu Premiere @ SENE FEST and I'm over the moon!!!  We have our first pseudo-review courtesy of the wonderfully-branded Bearded Fruit Podcast.  Here are some sound bites from the podcast regarding the film:

"His screenplay is incredibly well-written.  It's really sharp and observant in the right kinda way.  Also, the diversity of the cast was really appreciated.  The film is beautifully shot.  It was very affecting." 

This is the first official feedback for the film from complete strangers.  

Over.  The.  Moon.  You can listen to the podcast here, it's a great overall review of several films that played during my block but if you want to jump ahead, Ultra Bleu's review starts around the 10:00 mark.  Although, I highly recommend listening to the entire 22 minutes. 

While this review alone would have been amazing.   There were several general audience members who personally came up to me to express their enjoyment of the film.  We spoke at large about how the film reminded them of their 20s.  It makes me feel like the risks I took and the sacrifices I've made were all worth it and that this is only beginning.   

SENE Fest was the first public premiere of my work as a film director since April 2012 when I premiered Fear Eats The Seoul at Chicago Fear Fest.  

Four very long years have since passed.  Yet it feels like 12.  I went from NJ Calder to Nick Neon.  I went from America back to Korea.  And I went from filmmaker to lost for a few years.  I can remember all the running from place to place chasing the ghosts of who I should have been, the ghosts of where I should have been and the ghosts of what I had not yet accomplished.  Nothing was ever good enough.  

Nothing ever seemed to match up with the potential of who I could've been by 25.  And not even directing a feature film could help me step back and say, "Nick, be proud.  You made something bigger than yourself.  Enjoy."  

But Saturday night, watching my film finally screen to a room full of strangers, all of the disparate roads in my life finally intersected, making clear the alchemy that was always at work.  I understand now that my primary role in this life is Storyteller.  And I'm enjoying it.

All of the distractions and mistakes I've made on the road to finding myself were simply filling my life with invaluable raw experiences and the technical rehearsal to translate my most honest story to the movie screen.  

I feel strong and sure of my place in this world.  I believe in the man that I'm becoming and in the contributions my heart has been waiting to express.  

And I find myself entering a time + space in my life where both my voice + my self-worth are finally meeting the potential I was always chasing.  

I am so grateful for all of the friends along the way who made the journey of making this short so special from the cast to my partner-in-crime producers.  I wish we could have all had a premiere together before I had left the land of the morning calm.  But there are bigger things on the horizon to look forward to and I'm putting everything I have into ensuring it makes it to the big screen.  

#UltraBleu let's go.  

We're only getting started.