Ultra Bleu Wins Audience Choice Award! / by Nick Neon

YOOOOOOOOOOOMYGODDDDDDDDDDDD.  I was just informed last night that we were honored with the fxcking Audience Choice Award at Sene Fest!!!  

A World Premiere + an Award.  This is insanity.

#Blessed (yes, I just used it)

I was three hours into my attempt at teaching my father how to use a kindle fire tablet, YOUTUBE, a camera, a world clock, email and the Internet.  He called the tablet a "table-box."  And then my EP called me and threw the news at my skull like a rugby ball.  

And now I'm orbiting the Earth in a broken-jaw daze.

I can't believe the wonderful reception the film is receiving but I will absolutely take all of it with open arms. 

This is really happening and I can't believe it.  I can't believe that our film is entering festivals, that we've just premiered, that we've received glowing reviews and that we've now won an award.

The Truth: You spend years, if not your entire life, trying so hard NOT to do what you love because you fear it will fail.  But be brave.  The world needs it.  Be brave.  And then work hard.

I'm so glad my broken-heart refused to mend.  And I'm even more glad I had the courage to turn it into art.  

I feel a great responsibility to present the Cast/Crew + Special Thanks from my film below in order to celebrate and recognize everyone who helped make Ultra Bleu what it has become today.  

I thank you all from the bottom of my joyous, aching heart. 

xo Nicky


We won't always be 20-something + lost.



Nick Neon as Jim Park

Kuciia Diamant as Boss Bitch Bouncer

Tami Kim as JK

Naquan Earp as Dean

Marshall Bang as Bar Patron # 1

Amanda Cooper as Bar Patron # 2

Sydney Langford + Robbie Nguyen as Kissing Couple


Heezy Yang as Jun Ho



Written + Directed by Nick Neon

Produced by Kelly Mineou Han

Executive Producer  Jordan Burbank

Director of Photography  Daniel Smukalla

Editor  Nick Neon

Colorist  Elias Nousiopoulos

Music Composer  Nikolas Thompson

Sound Engineer  Jouni Elo

Assistant Director  Kelly Mineou Han

Production Assistant  Yana Lekarska

On-Set Photographer  Bill Cisar

Foley  Stephanie Andares



"Red Phone Booth (2014 Version)" 

Written by Nikolas Thompson

Performed by Kite Flying Robot 

From the album "Magic and Mystery"


“Hide and Seek”

Written, arranged, performed by: LOVE X STEREO

Produced by: LOVE X STEREO




Cheol Min Kim

Shinsegae Tomboy + Comodo Square

Core-A Studios  

Gerald Lee   Guy Citron   Bill Cisar

Soon Yong Kwon   Jason Seong 

Jeong Yun Jang   Shin Wook Park

Raoul Dyssell   Sydney Langford

Young Hwa Cho   Audrey DiMola

Jonah Whipp   Smukie

Susie Kim   Essie Lee

Mother + Father